How to choose a domain

Users often have questions about how to register a domain name, how to choose a domain name, what conditions to register for a UA domain, and so on. We decided to answer them in this article.

What is a domain?

Domain is the name of each site by which you can enter the resource. Thanks to the domain name, you can create not only the address, but also the first impression of the place where the user will go. A domain consists of a unique alphanumeric character set: it is unique and cannot be two identical addresses.

The domain name consists of several parts and is divided into levels – from the first and ascending.

The first level domain zone determines membership in a particular territory, country or organization. They are divided into the following groups:

  • National domain zones;
  • By type of organization;
  • New top-level domain names;
  • International domain zones;
  • National regional domains.

Today, binding to the domain is carried out more often because of the preferences of the user than because of the factor of being located in a certain territory or representing an organization. For example, being in Ukraine and developing your own blog, many will like to make a choice in favor of the site in the style of ME.BLOG, than MEBLOG.UA. To each of the situations is unique, so we will continue to expand the topic “how to register a domain name.”  

How to choose the domain zone for the site and how to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is an important decision. And the theme of your site is not the last parameter, which you should be guided by.

If your site is not created for the purpose of earning and promotion, and more interesting as a training ground, or a business card site for resume – cheap domain zones will be an excellent choice. For example, .XYZ, .CO.UA, .BIZ.UA is an example of cheap domains, during registration of which you will not spend more than $ 5 per year. In addition, before registering, do not be lazy to look at our page of promotional domains  – this is an opportunity to save (up to 95%) and create a name that suits your taste.

The most relevant domains are world recognized brands – .COM, .NET, .ORG, and national – .UA *, .COM.UA, CO.UA. If you create a website for the purpose of earning, developing a company and conquering a market, then the choice should be made in favor of well-known domains.

* To register a domain .UA in your name must be registered trademark.

Many consider domain zones only from the point of view of the visual design of the link, however, they also influence the website promotion in search engine rankings and in general SEO. About this and tell on.

The impact of the domain on the SEO website promotion

The work of search engine algorithms is always a secret, but trends show that domain names containing keywords are ranked much better than those that do not reveal the activity of the resource.

For example, if you are a honey seller and have a summer cottage where you make products, the site with the MED.UA domain will be quoted higher than MyDa.UA domain – in the first version you talk about your activities, therefore, by asking “Buy honey in Ukraine” , “Honey Ukraine” and “order honey” will be higher. It should be noted that we are talking about the same conditions – if the domain MyDacha.UA will be maintained more correctly, thematic title and description will be written on the pages, and the content will be better, then the site will be higher in the ranking.

In addition, the names of sites in which there is no hyphen are listed above. Two identical sites Moya-Dacha.UA and MoyaDacha.UA, all other things being equal, will be in different positions in the search.

A common mistake is the choice of domains in the style of .co, .la, .ly – those that serve as the end of the word in the whole domain name. From the point of view of registration, this will serve as an interesting marketing ploy, but for the CEO it will not, since .LY belongs to Libya, .CO to Colombia, and .LA to Laos.

Therefore, if you run a website about grizzlies, it will advance in the positions of Ukrainian Google with the domain will be more difficult than with the domain

If the services of your site are aimed at a specific region or city, then it makes sense to register the name in regional domains. If you are going to build a business in Odessa, then – .OD.UA, in Poltava – .PL.UA, in Kiev – KIEV.UA and so on.

We tried to answer the question how to choose a domain. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll find the right domain name for your site to help you grow.

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