How to transfer your website to another domain name

Domain change may seem hard work, but with the help of this article and thanks to our 27/4 technical support, you will not notice how you moved.

Reasons for transfer

Earlier, we mentioned the reasons for which you may need to change the domain name . In fact, there are many good reasons why it is better to transfer your domain. But in any case, you need to act with caution.

Is it possible to avoid transference?

Remember, because your URL is “U”, switching domain names is not something that can be done lightly. There are companies that are seeing a decrease in search rankings when changing domains: Google needs time to index the pages of your site with a new domain.

Therefore, before making a decision to change the domain, think about another tricky decision. See if you can buy misspelled domain names and send visitors to the correct site.

If you do not change your mind, then in this case you need to take a few key steps:

1. Create a list of sites

Create a list of all the URLs of your site. For example,,

2. Configure redirection

Set up 301 redirects for each of your list pages to the corresponding page of the new domain name. This is important in order to tell Google that the page has moved to a new address.

3. Move some content

Start by moving only some content to a new domain. Google recommends placing a small sample of content in the new domain to test any effects for traffic indexing and searching. It is best to choose a section with a little traffic. We recommend testing first in an inconspicuous place to ensure that nothing breaks.

4. Select date and time

If during testing nothing causes problems and errors, then the time has come for a full-scale relocation. Choose a daily time that is not very popular for visitors to your site. For example, a business site may choose weekend or late night time intervals for transferring domain names. You can also display a “scheduled site maintenance” message to alert users who enter the inactive site during the switch.

5. Tell Google Know You Moved

Moving to a new domain name, you must tell Google that you have switched domains. This can be done using the Edit Address tool in the Google search console.

6. Update your Sitemap

After you move, be sure to send your new Sitemap to Google. Google also recommends sending an old Sitemap containing the referring URLs.

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