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How to register a domain in the COM zone and what documents are needed

About how to register a COM domain, many users are wondering. We decided to consider how the registration takes place, who has the right to register a domain, what documents are needed for this, and so on.

The .COM domain zone was originally created for organizations of a commercial type, but over time it became available for open registration. Today it is the most popular domain in the world.

The first domain in the .COM zone was registered in 1985 and in the first 2 years of its existence only 100 sites used it, but the period of the “dot-com bubble”, which came for open registration, raised the domain’s popularity to 27,000. Today, there are more than 86 million functioning sites with a domain zone .COM, making this zone the largest in the world.

Registering a .COM domain is easy and takes a small amount of time. In this manual, we will write out how to properly register a domain name in the .COM zone on the HostPro website.

How is the domain name registration

First you need to go to the main page and select the “Domains” section – you will see a page where you can check whether the desired name is free or review all the proposed domain zones – popular, regional, international, main or new ones.  

In the field “Find your domain” enter the desired name in conjunction with the desired .TLD. In our case – .COM.

If the domain name is free and it can be registered, you will see the corresponding notification:

Click on the “Order” button and you will be redirected to the page .

On the checkout page you can set up the purchased domain name – here you can connect the SitePro site designer for free for one year and use the Domain ID Protection service (what is Domain protection, see our article).

In addition to the above, here are configured Name-server. If you are a client of our hosting, you can not change them; if you use our VPS, then in the Name-server 1 field enter, and in Name-server 1 – If you are a client of another hoster, then you should specify your registrar nameserver in the indicated fields.

Then you go to the page “Contacts and payment”, where the direct checkout occurs. If you are a registered user with saved information about yourself in our billing system, the fields will be filled in automatically.  

The last step before placing an order is to read and agree to the processing of personal data specified during registration and to read and accept the Terms of Service.

How and where to check the history of the domain name

Finding a free name that suits you is worth exploring its history – having invested in a stained domain, there is a fear that the increase in visits to the site will not follow, and this will not be your fault. There is a possibility that the domain name was already in use. Before buying, it is important to find out if there is a history of the COM domain, and then proceed to the registration.

A convenient resource for checking the history of a domain name is . Web.archive is a mirror of all domain names that exist on the world wide web. The essence of the web archive is quite simple: it automatically takes screenshots of sites that have at least a small demand. By the summer of 2018, the database system contains more than 320 million screenshots of images of the site.

Web.archive is easy to use, does not require registration, and has no paid features.

The knowledge base began to work at the beginning of the zero years. Sites on new domain names and resources without popularity are not included in the list.

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