Top – 5 most popular domains among the new gTLDs

Previously it was assumed that most of the new domains will be used for redirects to resources located in the traditional old domains ccTLG and gTLG, and for hosting the main sites are much smaller. However, in our time, the demand for gTLG of a new type is increasing every day.

The emergence of new domain zones

The idea to implement a project on registration of new gTLDs appeared a long time ago, but every time it was postponed and shifted indefinitely. However, all the same, in 2011 at the annual ICANN meeting in Singapore, it became known that a new program, New gTLD, was approved, which implies open registration from anyone who is going to become the administrator of their domain. Some managed to call the conference of that year revolutionary, as the decision to openly register all kinds of gTLDs to some extent changed the Internet, sending it to a more spacious channel.

As ICANN representatives told later , they themselves did not expect such a surge of popularity and were oriented to receive about 500 applications, however, the actual number of applicants turned out to be 4 times more – almost two thousand. Despite the terms of submission, which include the collection of a large amount of information, as well as the price tag of 185 thousand dollars, this did not stop potential customers.

What is the advantage of new gTLDs?

Since, thanks to domain zones, it becomes possible to indicate on whom your site will be oriented, as well as what it is dedicated to – this approach allows you to take advantage of new marketing opportunities . At the dawn of the birth of the Internet, it was assumed that certain domain zones would fulfill only their original purpose – the .COM domain would be only for companies of a commercial type, .ORG – for non-profit organizations and so on, but this framework was eventually erased.

New domains brought this idea to life: thanks to the original gTLD, you can clearly show your subject matter and show interests or scope of activities. For example , a chain of coffee shops registering their website in the .coffee domain will instantly contact potential customers, and once they get to the site with the .blog domain, users will understand that they are facing a text blog.

Easy site breakdown by industry

With the help of gTLG, you can select a specific topic from a large number of categories, emphasizing exactly what your resource focuses on. Each industry has its own zone. Compare the two domains and Agree that the second spelling looks much more elegant. Therefore, it is thanks to this approach and the understanding of the modern Internet that new gTLDs become so relevant for registration.

GTLD Advertising Campaign

A beautiful combination of the domain with the name of your site is the right and good basis for a consistent and profitable advertising campaign. Moreover, choosing the right domain index, you can not only segment your business, but because of this, you can rebuild it from the business of other brands.

The most recent and popular domains for today

So far, not everyone sees the prospect in new domains, but many customers still occupy free and original names for their sites. The top sellers of recent gTLDs are .club, .website, .link, .rocks, .blog, .xyz, .pw, .shop, .men, .one, .top.

Remember that a well-chosen domain name will make the address of your site unique, thematic and memorable. A properly built marketing company is able to become a successful key to future business. Today the domain name is the face of your company, your company. Therefore, approach this from the right side and do not miss your own fresh title. On the page of the promotional domains of our site you are always waiting for a huge selection of international domains with discounts up to 95%.

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